Open your Eyes


“A blind man sees no colors, but if he can see beyond his own limitations and feel the beauty surrounding him, then his eyes are more widely opened and alive than ours.”

The world around us is a constant reminder of the enigmatic wonders that take place everyday. There is something more profound and admirable in everything than we normally perceive. Our minds have restricted our capabilities and put limitations to our perspective of things. The way we see what is happening around us defines a great deal of the life we live.

The morning sun rising over a new day is a heralder of a fresh new start, and the possibility of happiness and prosperity – if we only open our eyes to look.

When we close the door to our home and head towards our workplace, paths of possibilities and exciting new achievements become clearly visible – if we only open our eyes to look.

Children running around, playing, laughing, smiling, are a reminder of the innocence of life, and a symbol of continuity – if we only open our eyes to look.

The balmy breeze that meets our skin, the twitching trees as the wind rustles through the branches, and the birds singing their songs of life is Mother Nature’s call to experience the wonders of her beauty – if we only open our eyes to look.

The tender love of our dear ones and the warmth we share with our significant other are promises of loving support, no matter what  – if we only open our eyes to look.

Every ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘you’re welcome’, and other kind words we exchange with each other reaffirms hope for a tomorrow where courtesy won’t be dead.

‘Open your eyes’ and you will see that the world you are living in is not just plain and ordinary, but it holds in itself something truly amazing. Look around with eyes that truly see, and a heart that truly feels, because through these you will get to see your world in a whole new perspective.


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