Time management is very important, not just for a student but for every person in the world. With proper techniques, one can boost their productivity and a student can study effectively, getting more and more success. Here are some of the pro tips for students to manage their time.

Important Tasks First

The best way to work effectively is by completing your tasks according to the importance. The one being the most important should be done first and the others in the same manner.

Eliminate Distraction

Time managementGetting constant and irrelevant notifications, your hand, again and again, going for mobile phones or laptops or TV remotes aren’t a good sign when it comes to concentration. For managing time, one should not get in the trap of these distractions. Here are a few tips to not get distracted:

  1. Turn off all the notifications.
  2. Set a time for using mobile phones or tablets.
  3. Remove mobile phones or laptops from your surroundings while studying.
  4. Unfriend unknown people from your social media accounts.
  5. Use tough patterns or lengthy passwords for your smartphones and tablet.

Learn to Say ‘no’

Don’t let anyone push you for some plans you don’t want to attend. Learn to say no to such plans which may jeopardize your working time and if they are your true friends they’ll understand and won’t push you.

Set Reminders & Use Checklist

Time managementWell, to give your best and so that you don’t forget your tasks for the day, set reminders. You can use a checklist for keeping a tab on your daily tasks. Either way, you won’t miss any work and have a productive outcome.


Having a healthy mind and a healthy body is important for working efficiently. You should exercise at least 4 times a week.

7-8 hours Sleep

Time managementGetting good sleep is very important for the proper functioning of your body and the brain. So, getting a good night’s sleep becomes another important factor.