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Beating that bloat

Beating that bloat!

Have you felt a little puffy post the weekend binge? Have few rounds of weekend mimosa ever made you give up your...
Ways to Become Mentally Stronger

Ways to Become Mentally Stronger

We focus a lot of time and energy on physical fitness but almost no one ever talks about mental fitness which is very important...

An alternative to Jogging: Intense Sprints

Jogging is widely known as the exercise to reduce fat and boost well-being. With millions of people doing it every day, jogging has become...

How To Think Creatively!

Creativity is something that has the potential to change anyone’s life standard. The more creative a person is, the more unique opportunities they can...
Time management

Tips for Students to Organize and Manage Time

Time management is very important, not just for a student but for every person in the world. With proper techniques, one can boost their...

Must-to-do Exercise for Hostellers and college students

Between the cycle of class and work, college students generally forget about their health and its maintenance. Exercising daily will not just make you...