The top item on any Punjabis grocery list is crud, aka yogurt! Curd is a brilliant source of probiotics (healthy bacteria), calcium, and protein. But how wholesome is it? Having an optimal balance of good bacteria can knock out harmful bacteria, ramp up your immunity, and help you absorb nutrients better. 

As opposed to vitamins, and minerals there’s no recommended lower limit for probiotics that you must ingest daily. Neither there’s a reliable way to ascertain which strain of bacteria is harmonious. So, as a rule of thumb, researchers recommend including modest amounts of probiotics in your meals.

There’s no end to the strains of bacteria classified as good bacteria. However, Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces are the most common of them.


Curd is easily one of the most ubiquitously available probiotics, and there are many different ways to consume it like lassi, raita, smoothies, etc. Magical, but nevertheless, what if you don’t like curd? There are a couple of tastier alternatives available:

(1). Kimchi

It’s a red, savory, fermented napa cabbage & Korean radish dish, pickled in garlic brine. It’s considered a healthy plant-based probiotic food that’s similar to curd in functionality.

(2). Cultured cottage cheese

It’s a brilliant alternative for folks looking for dairy-based probiotics. However, not all cottage cheeses contain probiotics, so it’s best to prepare your own.

(3). Dark chocolate

Though not as sweet and silky as milk chocolate, dark chocolate is packed with both pre and probiotics. Also, it’s loaded with plenty of anti-oxidants, so more reasons to eat dark chocolates!

(4). Pickles

Homemade fermented veggies like carrots, brined in saltwater, are an excellent way to incorporate healthy probiotics into your daily diet. 

(5). Apples

Researchers aren’t sure whether to include apples as probiotics or not, but studies have suggested that apples contain around 100 million bacteria with a more diverse range than any other probiotic food. So, it’s kind of true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away!