There are no boundaries to human endeavour. We quite often see individuals succeeding and defining new boundaries every day. In the actual, the sky is never the limit it is just the beginning. Here we have one such example of our verto who has made everyone awestruck with her accomplishment in the field of Astronomy. Alongside that, she also is the first Indian to do so.

Jahanvi Dangeti a student at Lovely Professional University has brought a piece of astounding news for the LPU family. She is representing India in International Air and Space Program at Kennedy Space Center (NASA Launch Operations Centre). The program is coordinated for youngsters from everywhere the world to utilize teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills among students and expert NASA engineers to adapt and solve any unexpected problem

LPU student Jahanvi Dangeti, is currently seeking BTech ECE Hons. She is the first person of Indian origin to be chosen for this program. Not only that but she is also known to hold a note of appreciation for being a multitalented young lady by the IBR otherwise known as Indian Book of Records.

LPU Student represents India at International Air and Space Program at Kennedy Space Center

Jahanvi Dangeti, is one of the ROBOTICS AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEM COMMUNITY- RISC members which is a student organization under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University.

Interestingly it is for the first time that a member of RISC has represented India in IASP (International Air and Space Program) at Kennedy Space Center (NASA Launch Operations Center). Jahanvi has finished the entire Astronaut training programme, which included zero gravity, multi-access training, and other activities. She is the mission director of Team Kennedy, a group of 16 people from several countries who successfully launched a mini rocket into the atmosphere and landed safely. Her team accomplished a great deal that cannot be imagined or stated.

Her fortitude, drive, penance, and choices permitted her to accomplish her objectives. It’s the ideal opportunity for her achievements to be heard. The team of Lovely Professional University Congratulates her on representing our country in the IASP programme and taking steps toward her goals.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours!