It was a usual day when I got a mail from my university to attend Satinder Sartaaj Singh’s talk show. In the mail, it was mentioned that he is coming to Lovely Professional University for the first time. The mail left me delighted. Satinder Sartaaj needs no introduction; he is one of the most loved and celebrated names in Punjab. Besides being an actor, he is a musician, lyricist and ardent lover of Sufism. I always wanted to meet him, and then that day I got an opportunity to meet him in person.

Though this isn’t the first time LPU is hosting a celebrity event, it is an everyday experience here. Since I joined Lovely Professional University I have been able to see and meet those celebs I could have hardly imagined in my dreams. But meeting Satinder Sartaaj was different; he is not like any other star we have in our country. His voice, his aura and most importantly his deep-rooted spiritual philosophy have been the talk of the town.

Punjabi Sufi Legend Dr. Satinder Sartaaj

The moment he entered our beautiful auditorium Baldev Raj Mittal which was decorated with beautiful lights, fascinating chairs drenched in white and golden color, the whole setup was elucidating royalty; he gazed the audience who were more than happy and cheerful seeing Sartaaj Singh. I don’t know when was the last time a singer sang this beautiful and mesmerizing, his voice was tailing off reminding me of an unusual world where I see no worries or sorrows. I was delighted with every word he uttered, with his sense of humor and especially with the voice. Every question he was asked, he answered it pensively and wisely. He is a blend of wit and wisdom.

Punjabi Sufi Legend Dr. Satinder Sartaaj

When I got an opportunity to ask him, he answered it in a very humble and polite way. In the world of sycophants and technology geeks, such people are rarely rare. We often end up in a world where our life thrives on the use of mobile phones and social media and we often forget to live what life is meant for. After talking and interacting with such a great personality I realized social status doesn’t matter; thoughts do, beliefs do and most importantly attitude towards life needs to be positive.

Let’s invite positivity in and around us no with the usage of mobile phones or proliferation of internet but with love, support and positivity. Let’s make this world a loving and peaceful place to live, and that begins now.