Religious Conflict


Religion is the strongest sentiment in a country like India.  A country wherein the culture is diverse and people worship various gods and goddesses, a religion conflict is inevitable.

The religions if studied properly and the beliefs if implied congruously never promote violence or chaos in any human life. Peace, respect, harmony, is the base of all the religions.

But then why a conflict?

Different religions, different worshipers, different beliefs but the a single, powerful commonality – humanity first. People use religion as a weapon to fulfil their own needs and to satisfy their ego.

If you kill a cow, Hindus get hostile.

If you kill a pig, Muslims gte hostile.

But killing a human being in the name of religion is peace and it gives security to a particular religion.

The world peace has been drastically traumatised which is quite evident. Religious conflicts not only leave scars on individuals but it also affect the world as an entity. Killing each other in the name if religion is giving rise to a whole new religion where service to God is unleashing all manner of evil.