‘Vakyudh’ Prelims Conducted by School of Professional Enhancement


School of Professional Enhancement organised the prelims of the debate competition ‘War of Words – Vakyudha’ for students of the School of Business which students participated and flaunted their vocabulary skills. As the name of the event suggests, the only weapon one could use to fight this battle was words. Students were given random topics such as “yellow shirt” on which they had to speak for at least 2 minutes. The students selected in the prelims qualified for the final round in which they would get a chance to win prizes worth 6K.

The extempore topics tested the level of creativity and innovativeness participants could raise the given subjects to  in 60 seconds. The students were judged based on their vocabulary, fluency, command on the language, material, and creativity. Esteemed judges from various departments were present to appraise the students – Bhawna Shrey (Assistant professor, English), Likhit Awasthi (Assistant Professor, Aptitude), Ajay Kumar Sharma (Assistant Professor, Aptitude ), and Syed Tabrez (Assistant Professor MBA) .

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