Right Now, Not Tomorrow!

Yellow road warning sign , New Paradigm Ahead , 3d render

Today’s write up is something raw and unedited, where I will let my thoughts flow completely unaware of where they may end- more like a journal but in a generalized perspective. The world we live in today is going through a massive makeover, if I must say a phase where unlearning is taking place just so one can learn anew, it is in fact a very poignant reminder of all the things we once knew being left behind just so we don’t become redundant. A phase where playing cricket on dusty pitch (good old days) is being replaced by Mini Militia, a phase where people find it easier to socialize through a virtual medium rather than real time, a phase where freedom of speech and equality is being achieved, a phase where people including myself freak out every time the phone battery charge runs out LOL. And the epic one “A time where people like me and my friend wish about being a jumper so that we could reach lecture hall even if we wake up just 5 minutes before class” #winter is coming.

If we are to look at this change in a bigger picture what does it really represent? In simple words- “BE EXCITED AND GO FOR IT”. We are living in a time, where there are so many questions with no answers- at least for now. You never know when something like “Pokémon Go” will flip everyone’s senses to go hunt for virtual beings Lol. Let’s admit it does sound stupid, but then again it represent a time where everything makes sense as long it challenges our inquisitive minds- Since the age we live in is all about making things possible. That doesn’t mean you should try jumping out of plane without wearing a parachute just because you are feeling inquisitive, But then again you never know there might come a day when that is possible. Okay! Okay! Let’s stop, I am clearly sounding like a loon now Lol.  

Why should you be excited? Because everyone is anxious and figuring out, which means you are no less than anyone else, it is in fact a time where you have to stop doubting yourself and put your feet forward to figure out what really excites you. Don’t just confine yourself to your 9-5 class schedule, but live beyond that because there is so much more that’s happening around- restructuring of education system, woman empowerment to name a few.

Authenticity and equity is the essence people are trying to achieve this days, so you might as well start steering yourself to achieving something that truly resonates with you. We are lucky to be witnessing a time where dreams don’t just go in vain if you really work for it. You will never feel prepared but if you are torn between “next time or right now” – that’s a good place to start, it means you are not completely oblivious of what you are getting into, so GO FOR IT! 

The world is going to keep changing, and I am sure as I finish this article someone out there is close to achieving something that he/she has started. If we don’t muster the courage to pursue our calling, we will just be a mere spectator of this marvelous change the world is unfolding into.

Make your existence count!