Being only human, we’ve all gone through somethings in life which we wish to be undone. Given the chance to set something right, we would take it without any hesitation. Mistakes and regrets are just a part of our life that eventually and gradually happens to everyone. If only we’d get a second chance to do something better, or to live our life in a different way. Waiting for ‘a second chance’ is much like waiting for a missed shooting star, and we all know the saying ‘opportunity seldom knocks twice’.

As students, we are very much familiar with the words, ‘I’ll do it next time’, assuring ourselves that there would definitely be a next time. A misconception is what it assures us of. We are great followers of procrastination in this generation. Taking things for granted and being ignorant of the opportunities coming our way is what most of us are affected with.

A very typical example of such a situation can be explained in context to our assignments and papers. The other day my friend missed his viva voice on account of some personal affairs, but luckily the teacher gave him another chance to conduct the evaluation. It was due for tomorrow and he had not prepared anything on the concerned topic, so he assured himself that the teacher would give him another chance if he missed the evaluation tomorrow. Tomorrow came, and he was absent. On checking his UMS in the evening, he saw that his marks was uploaded as ‘0’. The next day he met the teacher and asked him for another chance to which the teacher strongly declined. He lost his marks on account of his false assurance of ‘a second chance’.

Waiting for a second chance is a very great mistake on our part. Taking up the opportunity when it is placed in front of us, or making a second chance for ourselves is what we should all be focusing on. We are living in a fast growing generation, where ‘waiting’ is not an option to the people who wants to be at the top. We either do it right the 1st time, or make it right somehow by our own actions.

All the successful personalities we hear about today became successful because of the fact that they didn’t believe in ‘waiting’ for ‘a second chance’ to come their way. Time waits for none, so why wait for time itself.

We are all chasing our dreams, and hasting towards a better life so why wait for something to happen when we can make something happen. The assurance of ‘a second chance’ should not obstruct our path towards greater things. Let’s stop anticipating and start running towards greater things in life.