Technomania- a Digital Electronics Project exhibit was organised by Electronics Department of CSE on April 22. The competition was held exclusively for the CSE first year students. Over 250 participants took an active part as teams and over 70 projects were demonstrated in the exhibition.

Technomania 2

The HOD of the School of Computer Science and Engg. added, “Our aim was solely to motivate the young developers who made great mini-projects as the part of their curriculum which included counters, multiplexers, parity generators etc. But when we saw that the students had the potential of developing Arduino based projects, we decided to hold an expo for them.”

The Expo showcased not only the mini-projects but also projects like remote-controlled cars, obstacle sensing walking stick, water tank level detector, and many more. The Dean and Head, Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Science Dr.Lovi Raj Gupta monitored and finalized the winners after they had gone through a round of questions by the jury members. The winners were presented with cash prizes worth INR 2500.