The Short Term Course on Representing Agriculture through Digital Comic Book Art organized by Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, School of Agriculture & Human Resource Development Center (HRDC), Lovely Professional University was unique in approach that brought practicing professionals catering to the capacity building in creating a high-quality digital comic character for agricultural textbooks, leaflet, folder, posters, presentations, and for promotions by use in Web 2.0 technologies for e.g., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs etc.

The group consisting of a balanced mix of students, practicing professionals and faculty got practical demonstration of use of software for drawing agricultural drawings, inking and coloring, designing character and cartoon and designing comic book cover. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sadawarti, Professor & Dean, Head, School of Agriculture in his address gave insights on the objective of this short term course mentioning the in depth thought gone into designing the format of the course. He advised the participants to translate the learning of the course into practical application. He remarked that the designated subject matter experts Dr. Sapna Jarial and Mr. George Emmanual had proven track record and mastery of the topic. The course flow and the assessment and evaluation pattern were briefed to the participants in the inaugural.

The series had topics covered by eminent subject matter experts and focused on areas as: Use of Artwork in Agricultural Extension and Outreach, Use of software for drawing agricultural drawings, the power of different perspectives, Designing character and Cartoon, Inking and coloring and designing comic book cover. The methodology was demonstration and experiential and each participant was given ample opportunity to follow the practical steps as the resource person patiently handled each query and encouraged them to share the outputs. 

The session resources were shared on a daily basis on Google Drive, the link of which was shared with participants. The assessment and evaluation were conducted through Pre-Program and Post Program Multiple Choice Questions based on the session learning outcomes and a task to assess the practical assimilation.

The participants were unanimous in their appreciation of the course in terms of the content, delivery and organization. The responsiveness of the organizing team was applauded by the participants who expressed that this was one of the best learning experiences. They also expressed desire that such programs should be frequently conducted.


Ganesh BS: Satisfied with current program, I have never drawn a digital comic book art before the session and now I ended up as a good digital art maker

Rakesh Ranjan: This training helped me in learning the graphical software and it would be useful for me in the future for job profile.

Astha Bansal: I really enjoyed doing art and moving towards digital platforms has certainly increased my skills and abilities

Deepanjan Dutta: I know how to draw a character in pen and paper but now I know how to draw in digital platform too. I am very grateful to learn this because in my childhood I read comic’s books and now I know how to make comic books. In my opinion comic is the best way to communicate.

Nisita Moirangthem: Enhanced my drawing skills, knowledge and creativity. Need more of such short term courses on this in future.