Human Resource Development Center and the School of Agriculture, successfully organized a Short Term Course on Big Data for Sustainable Agriculture from September 4 to September 9, 2023, aimed to equipped the participants with hands-on training and proficiency in using popular statistical analysis software packages like R, Python, Minitab, DARwin, AGD R, GEA-R for agricultural data. The course received an overwhelming response, with participants from diverse backgrounds.

Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Programme Coordinator, welcoming the august gathering expressed that the combination of theoretical knowledge, practical demonstrations, practical case studies and demonstration of the application of statistical analysis in solving real-world agricultural challenges would make the course very effective. He thanked the Program Director Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sadawarti, Dean, School of Agriculture, Convener, Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor & Dean, Head Human Resource Development Center and Co-convener Dr. Shailesh Kumar Singh, Professor and Associate Dean, School of Agriculture and Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Professor, School of Agriculture, Co-coordinator of the Course.  Special welocme were extended to the resource persons, Dr. Suhel Mehandi, Assistant Professor, Genetics & Plant Breeding, School of Agriculture and Dr. Raj Popat, Data Scientist, Si Creva Capital Services Private Limited, Mumbai.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sadawarti, the Dean of the School of Agriculture, emphasized the importance of adopting emerging tools and technologies, such as data science and artificial intelligence, to analyze agricultural data using programming languages like R and Python. This approach holds the potential to drive innovation in agricultural research.

Dr. Shailesh Kumar Singh, Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Agriculture, as the convener, introduced the resource panel and provided an outline of the training program, setting the stage for a productive and informative course.

Day 1 (04 September, 2023) On the inaugural day of the workshop, Dr. Suhel Mehandi took the lead and introduced participants to the fundamental concepts of data analysis and visualization in the field of agriculture. The focus was on familiarizing attendees with various software tools used for these purposes. Participants gained insights into the importance of data analysis and visualization in agricultural research and practices. While the specifics of the software tools were not detailed, the day provided a solid foundation for the upcoming sessions.

Day 2 (05 September, 2023) Dr. Suhel Mehandi continued to guide participants through the second day of the workshop. The day was divided into two segments. First, participants learned about field layout preparation using R programming. They discovered how R can be harnessed to plan and visualize experimental layouts, a critical aspect of agricultural research. The second part of the day focused on data analysis, specifically the analysis of data from two common experimental designs: Completely Randomized Design (CRD) and Randomized Block Design (RBD). These sessions laid the groundwork for understanding the practical application of data analysis in agricultural experiments.

Day 3 (06 September, 2023) Day three, still under the guidance of Dr. Suhel Mehandi, delved deeper into the analysis of experimental data. Building on the previous day’s knowledge, participants learned how to analyze data for two additional experimental designs: Latin Square Design (LSD) and Split Plot Design (SPD). The Resource Person, emphasized that these topics are pivotal in agricultural research as they allow researchers to draw meaningful conclusions from their experiments. The day provided a holistic view of data analysis in the context of experimental design.

Day 4 (07 September, 2023) Under the stewardship of Dr. Suhel Mehandi, day four showcased advanced data analysis techniques tailored to the agricultural domain. The topics covered included correlation and path analysis, multivariate analysis using cluster analysis, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), biplot, molecular data analysis via DARwin, and data visualization techniques. This day was a significant step towards equipping participants with the skills needed to handle complex agricultural datasets and extract valuable insights from them.

Day 5 (08 September, 2023) Continuing the journey of comprehensive data analysis in agriculture, Dr. Suhel Mehandi led participants into the realm of stability analysis and AMMI model analysis. The importance of advanced statistical techniques in assessing the stability and adaptability of agricultural systems was demonstrated. Additionally, participants explored diallel analysis, including Griffing’s approach Method 1 and 2 (Model I & II), Hayman’s approach, Line * Tester Analysis, and North Carolina Design (NCD). This day provided a deep dive into the intricacies of agricultural data analysis and experimental design.

Day 6 (09 September, 2023) The final day of the workshop, chaired by Dr. Raj Popat, centered on advanced topics in agricultural research. Participants explored the design of experiments with a focus on augmented design, gaining insights into optimizing experimental setups. Multivariate analysis techniques, including PCA, Factor Analysis, and Hotelling T Square, were discussed in depth, further enhancing participants’ analytical capabilities. The day concluded with an exploration of time series forecasting methods, encompassing both linear and non-linear regression. Dr. Raj Popat’s guidance on this day added depth and variety to the participants’ skill set, empowering them to tackle complex agricultural research challenges.

In conclusion, this six-day workshop, led by Dr. Suhel Mehandi and Dr. Raj Popat, provided a comprehensive journey through various aspects of data analysis and experimental design in agriculture. Participants were equipped with essential tools and knowledge to conduct meaningful research and experiments in the field of agriculture.