Short Term Course on the Art and Science of Research Paper and Patent Writing to Publication got off to a great start on October 31, 2022. The course received participation of 38 delegates from diverse backgrounds representing 3 institutions from 3 States of India. The participants included faculty members, research scholars, students and external participants.

The Course Convener Prof. Dr. (Ar.) Atul Kumar Singla, Professor and Sr. Dean, Chief Architect, LPU gave insights on the objective of this short-term course and its format designed to address the gaps in achieving excellence in Research Paper and Patent Writing to Publication. He advised the participants to translate the learning of the course into high impact publications. He remarked that each designated subject matter expert had proven track record and mastery on the topic.
In her opening remarks, Co-Convener and Head Human Resource Development Center, Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Dean welcoming the participants shared the course flow and the bandwidth in terms of topics and content. She revealed that the entire resource panel had very thoughtfully designed the course flow and the pedagogy that would be experiential, learner driven and instructor mentored.

The day 1 session was taken by Dr. Ashok Kumar, currently working as Professor in Lovely Professional University, Punjab. He laid the context, and detailed the why of research and how to carry it to its logical culmination. His charismatic style made an instant connect with the participants.

Day 2 Session 1 focusing on the Scientific Writing and High Impact Publications was the ideal pick up from where Dr. Ashok Kumar left. Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Professor, Division of Research and Development, the subject matter expert shared the choicest of links that could be the ideal academic resource bank for the participants. Using an aesthetically appealing presentation he engrossed the participants with insightful inputs.

Day 2 Session 2, the last one for the day, saw Dr. Rohit Rai, Assistant Professor, School of Physiotherapy and Paramedical Sciences share his immense experience dwelling on how to carry End Note Software and Referencing using Endnote. His discussion leading technique and eliciting questions kept the learning a two-way process and engaged the participants in a purposeful dialogue.
The subsequent sessions on each day focused on hands on and demonstrative delivery covering the relevant topics like: Guide for SCOPUS/WOS/SCI Journals and Predatory Journals including selection of Journals by Dr. Mahendra Joshi, Professor, School of Architecture & Design, Dr. Ambuj Kumar, Professor, School of Architecture & Planning, Writing Research paper exercise and MCQs, Discussion and conclusion by Ar. Himmat Bhatia, Professor, School of Architecture & Planning on Day 3.

Day 4, the essence was on Ideation and Idea generation and Patent Search, by Dr. Irfan Ahmad Pindoo, Assistant Professor, Division of Research and Development. The following day, thrust was on Patent drafting requirements and Patent act Do’s and Don’t by Dr. Runjhun Tandon, Associate Professor & Dy.Dean, Division of Research and Development.

The last day was devoted to Action Learning Project by Ar. Himmat Bhatia, Professor, School of Architecture & Planning. The valedictory session conducted by Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Deputy Dean HRDC where in feedback and the assessment results were shared.

The course ended on a perfect note with participants vying for more of such workshops.  The

      external participants unanimously gave the verdict: “Never before experience’ in terms of organizing and conduct. Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra Deputy Dean, Human Resource Development Center, the course coordinator thanked the participants and assured that such initiatives would be taken up frequently with efforts to raise the bar every time and match stakeholder expectations.

       Mr. Nagendra Narayan Associate Professor, School of Architecture & Design lauded the proactive participation of all participants. He also thanked Team HRDC for playing a pivotal coordinating role. Thanking the peer resource panel, she said that it was a very satisfying learning experience for her also. The course ended by the concluding remarks of HRDC Coordinator, Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Deputy Dean and vote of thanks by Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Dean, Human Resource Development Center

 A benchmark course!