Lovely Professional University’s cybersecurity prodigy Vansh Devgan, a senior year B.Tech. CSE student, along with his team, brought to light a profound security gremlin in Microsoft’s Edge Browser, and under the Chromium Bounty Programwon a bounty of USD 20,000 (1,498,690.00 INR).

Vansh Devgan, along with his team, unfolded an impuissant code within Microsoft Edge’s preinstalled translator entailing uXSS (Universal Cross-Site Scripting). The extent to which such a flaw could have been exploited in vicious hands is almost insidious. Anyone who would click the language translate option in Microsoft’s Edge Browser is vulnerable to security breaches; any sneaky hacker could effortlessly inject an arbitrary code and do whatever one pleases, exploiting your personal data!

Thanks to Vansh Devgan and his team, the liability officially tracked as CVE-2021-34506 has been eradicated in the contemporary Microsoft’s Edge Browser update (version 91.0.864.59).

On the contrary to the generic XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), which are mainly client-side code injection attacks, uXSS (Universal Cross-Site Scripting) type attacks cash in on client-side’s in-browser & browser extension’s vulnerabilities to fabricate an XSS predicament and execute vindictive codes. When a hacker cashes in on such frangibility, they can easily bend your browser experience, and upon arisal of such a predicament, security systems are left meaningless.

Thanks to the industry-leading faculties of Lovely Professional University’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering for culminating geniuses like Vansh Devgan, who can leverage the spectacular infrastructure and facilities of Lovely Professional University to the fullest.

Cybersecurity is definitely an intimidating course to navigate! It requires extensive mathematical knowledge and an unfathomable comprehension of certain acronyms and terminologies that are cryptic by nature. Faculties at Lovely Professional University are able to decode the cryptic encryptions and present them to students, forging a solid foundation of what cybersecurity is, & what it entails. This is why graduates from Lovely Professional University are revered in the industry & are esteemed among the elites for their deep understanding of the domain. Lovely Professional University congratulates Vansh Devgan and wishes him luck in his future endeavors!