We are thrilled to announce that Sonam Bajwa and Gippy Grewal, renowned actors and singers from Punjab, visited the LPU campus to promote their upcoming movie “Carry on Jatta 3.” The campus was filled with excitement as the talented artists interacted with the enthusiastic audience and entertained them with their performances.

Star-Studded evening at lpu with Sonam Bajwa and Gippy Grewal

The evening was marked by the beautiful melodious voice of Gippy Grewal, who captivated the crowd with his soulful singing. His energy and charisma added to the vibrant atmosphere of the event. Alongside Gippy Grewal, the stunning and talented Sonam Bajwa graced the stage, leaving the audience mesmerized by her presence. The students were thrilled to have the opportunity to witness the performances of these accomplished artists.

The visit of Sonam Bajwa and Gippy Grewal at LPU provided a memorable experience for the students. It was a chance for them to see their favorite actors up close and personal, creating an unforgettable connection between the artists and the audience. The campus came alive with the spirit of celebration as the students enthusiastically cheered and engaged with the performers.

Star-Studded evening at lpu with Sonam Bajwa and Gippy Grewal

This visit also served as a platform to promote their upcoming movie, “Carry on Jatta 3,” generating anticipation and excitement among the students. The event showcased the vibrant and dynamic culture of Punjab and its entertainment industry, allowing the students to be a part of this celebration.

The captures of their visit serve as cherished memories, capturing the joy and enthusiasm shared during the event. These moments of interaction and entertainment contribute to the holistic development of the students, providing them with exposure to the world of art, culture, and entertainment.

Overall, the visit of Sonam Bajwa and Gippy Grewal at LPU for the promotion of their film brought a delightful evening of entertainment and interaction. It provided an opportunity for the students to witness the talent of these celebrated artists and created an atmosphere of celebration and anticipation for the release of “Carry on Jatta 3.”