Too many interests? Hard to choose what to follow? Equally interested in Physics as well Chemistry, or equally interested in both Aeronautical Engineering and Civil Engineering? Let’s widen our scope a bit: equally interested in both Commerce and Neuroscience? Read on further to know why you should take an online course on something you’re passionate about alongside your degree.

Free/Low Cost:

MOOCS and Swayam are some online platforms that offer free unlimited online courses which have been developed by top Universities of India and the world. There are more platforms like EDX, Coursera and Udemy that offer both paid and free courses. Usually, these websites have free courses but do not offer a certificate. A certificate can be only had by paying for the course.

At your own Pace and Space:

College classes might be either too fast or too slow for you. Online learning gets you an opportunity to learn at your own pace and space. You can snuggle up in your bed with your laptop in front and let your mind go places with an online course. You can learn on the go, anywhere, anytime, no boundations! All those night owls whose brains are the most stimulated at night time can get the max out of their brain by learning at their preferred time of night

Make your own unique professional profile:

Your potential employer will be glad to see your diverse interests. This can help you undertake a diverse range of tasks and projects. An eclectic mixture of knowledge about so many fields can also help you build a career in entrepreneurship, because, after all, being “multi-skilled” is one of the main qualities of all successful entrepreneurs.

Get the shy you ask those unique and weird questions:

The bliss of no one watching you while you ask that question can allow you to ask even the weirdest questions your curious mind comes up with. Online course discussion forums are a lot more interactive than classroom interaction sessions.

Huge Variety of Courses:

The choice of courses is infinitely wide. You can choose from 1-month course to a year-long course. There are courses in almost every field of education. There’re numerous courses in each field to choose from depending on what exactly you want to study about in that field.

LPU has taken several initiatives in spreading awareness about these courses so that learning is available to each and everyone. Why let your professional degree limit you to its scope? Go beyond it, and you might achieve something that no one ever has. Because learning has no limit and nor does knowledge.

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