In today’s era technology is growing rapidly and it has opened new doors for students to learn something new. Nowadays Online Education is becoming very famous as students can learn something new at their own pace and own comfort, they need not go to schools and universities for these. Online Education completely changed the era of learning. There are many online platforms which provide online Certificate courses and apart from this some of the renowned universities also provides programs like LPU Distance Education. So let’s discuss the pros and cons of Online Education:

Pros of Online Education

  • Flexible schedule: Students can learn at their own comfort and they don’t need to be present at a specific scheduled time. They can learn whenever they have free time.
  • Work along with Study: Students can do part-time jobs while enrolled in an online course.
  • Access to Programs/Courses: Students have 24/7 access to their courses and programs and they can access them at any place and any time whenever they want.
  • Variety of Courses/Programs: Students have access to a lot of courses and programs. They can enroll in any Course they want and most of these courses don’t have any pre-requisites.
  • No travel involved: Students need not travel anywhere to study, they can study even from their homes.

Cons of Online Education

  • Social Interaction: Students cannot have social interaction with other fellow students which can be beneficial for studies.
  • Student – Mentor interaction: Interaction between student and mentor also declines due to online education and students can not interact with their Lecturer.
  • No financial aid to Scholars: There is no provision of scholarship/financial aid for needy students and students need to pay the full fee of the course/program.
  • Procrastination: As students can learn on their own pace, so they can procrastinate as well that they have plenty of time to learn.
  • Technical issues: Sometimes technical issues arise like low internet speed etc. which hinders the flow of the student and student can’t study regularly.
  • Reputation: The reputation of online education is not good as of now and many colleges and universities don’t recognise the certificate of these online courses/programs.

 At last, Online Education is a good platform to learn something new and there are even websites which provides some courses free of cost. Now online education even provides courses for personality development. It is a very good opportunity for those who want to do the job along with studies. Apart from all that the reputation of online education is also increasing.