As finals week approaches and the date sheet is out, it is time to get into the groove of studying so that you can perform at your peak. If you haven’t started your prep yet, it’s still not too late, use the hacks I’ve listed below to get through preparation and exams.   

1. Create a morning habit to give your energy for the day ahead :

You can be on top of your game by following a morning routine so that you accomplish more early, which in turn can motivate you to be even more productive throughout the rest of the day. Read your aim aloud in front of the mirror (Yes, it works!).

2. Keep chewing gums handy – strange but effective (You can also try tic-tac’s) :

Chewing gum considerably increases alertness, accelerates reaction time and increases the speed at which you learn new information. If you are feeling sleepy or restless while studying, chew some gum, not only will it improve your focus, it will recreate your study environment, which translates to better recall.

3. No to Junk! :

Junk food is a straight NO-NO! Snacks like dried fruit, nuts, and vegetables are all snacks that will keep your brain performing at its peak.

4. Become a time management pro :

When you’re ready to start studying, use a timer to divide up your day into manageable slots that will allow your brain to focus in a more targeted and effective way.

5. Take a power nap :

To boost your concentration and cognitive abilities, take a nap for about 30 minutes in the afternoon; use your headphones and play your favourite song.

6. Use your evening for strategic thinking :

This is typically the time of day when the brain slows down, use this time to plan and review your tasks.

7. Drink Water :

Instead of reaching for another energy drink or cup of coffee, drink water. While you may feel that those sugary, high caffeine drinks give you a boost, they also drop your blood sugar later, which will make you feel sluggish. Keep a water bottle near your study table.

8. Try difficult questions before sleeping :

This might sound absurd but is one of the best techniques and has been used by a lot of inventors in the history to solve and innovate when stuck in impossible-seeming problems. Who knows, you might find your answer in deep sleep!

9. Teach someone else :

90% of everything taught is retained. Grab a friend, a sibling or even a parent and try to teach them the things that you cannot usually remember. You can even try it with your pet :D.

10. Do the biggest thing first :

If you have three exams to study for today, then study for the one you like the least first. Always go for the biggest fish first. It will give you a motivational boost.

If all of this fails, watch the movie ‘Lakshaya’ (yes, again.) or read a self-help book and you’ll get all charged up.

Stop focusing so much on the goal.

Just do it!

Happy studying and all the best Vertos 🙂



  1. Chewing gums bloats stomach absurdly. Also, try snacking on a particular mint while trying to remember stuff and when you go in the examination hall have that same flavor of mint and snack on them during the exam.. It works!

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