Many people have asked you about your plans, things you want to do after graduation and so on, and you might have answered their questions! But, have you ever asked yourself what you want to do? A lot of people will tell you to do a particular course, graduate from college, get a secured job, and many more things like that. They are just giving their ideas without knowing you and your interests. So, don’t just go according to their choices. You should follow your passion and listen to your heart.

First of all, understand your inner feelings well and then make a decision. You just have to understand which type of activities you are good at and then execute your plans. You will perform well in something only if you are having interest in that particular field. So it’s obvious that you should first know about your likes/dislikes and then proceed.

Sit in a quiet room for few minutes closing your eyes, ignoring all the activities going on in your surroundings. Go to your flashbacks and consider all the activities and subjects that made you happy. You will find many things that you love to do and where you are good at. You will get a crystal clear idea of your interests and passion.

When you are choosing your career, you can take help of people who can guide you, but do not allow them to take all decisions of your life. The final decision should be taken by you. A person can be in your life to help you or challenge you, but you have to deal with everything in your way. Nobody has the right to rule your life.  

Whenever you are going to choose your career or applying for any job, first you must ask yourself that whether you are interested or not. Don’t do that just for the sake of getting a degree/money or due to any kind of pressure. If you don’t love your job, you will never be satisfied with it. Don’t sacrifice your passion as it might hurt you and make you depressed. Live your life as much as you can and try to take a stand for your career and your future.