Have a quick look at our surroundings, and you will realize that life is changing at a faster rate than ever. Jobs are disappearing, every individual is engaged with their smartphones, education costs us thousands, the cost of living has increased rapidly, but salaries don’t, and now we have less time for ourselves. Life is changing so fast that and it amazes us like we wake up in a new world every day!

Communication is just the transfer of information from one mind to another mind or a group of others. It’s usually in the form of an idea, a fact, an emotion, written, spoken. Whatever the medium, the thing is, if the message doesn’t reach the other person, there’s no communication, or simply there’s miscommunication. Everything little thing we do, every little task we perform sends a signal to the audience. The way others look at us, our body language, tone of our voice, cause others to reach certain conclusions about us.

A problem is just an unanswered question. The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives. And our decisions are a result of our thoughts. No matter how crazy your thoughts are, but you do exist. So why not make your existence a little more practical, fun, and useful? Most of our beliefs are based on our or other people’s perceptions. Thinking is the hardest work, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. And it’s not only hard it’s the single most important thing in life.

We often make decisions based on what others do or say. The behavior of the past that led to good results, doesn’t guarantee the same for future results. We often favor things and places we know over novelty. It’s one of those things we see every day. We eat the same things, we walk the same route, we make the same mistakes, and we complete the same tasks at work over and over again. And then, we complain that our lives are stuck or boring. No wonder, you’re making decisions based on familiarity. But we can’t guarantee that familiarity is always a good thing. It may be good for certain. But to achieve a hidden flame you need something different.

Bigger cities also bring us bigger opportunities. Yes, it is true. That’s even the main reason we have engaged on a common platform on our daily basis and yes, we do seize a big opportunity for us at the time. But we also come up with bigger responsibilities and problems.

Nothing is guaranteed in life and that you have to work hard to earn money. The point is that there are multiple ways to achieve your goals. Also, if everyone is doing the same thing, that often means you shouldn’t. There’s is nothing wrong with being odd and different because goals are personal and nobody worries about your goal more than you do. So, feed your brain with knowledge that you are curious about. And the only way is by learning, doing, making mistakes, reflecting, or anything you can do to feed your brain with the input it needs to give you the output you want. If we would rely on trial and error to build a career, we would probably die before achieving that goal. Life is too short for applying trial and error to everything.