Between the cycle of class and work, college students generally forget about their health and its maintenance. Exercising daily will not just make you fit but, it pumps of your blood circulation and make your abilities stronger, you will be more active in lectures, work, and sports. Student tries but couldn’t add exercising in their daily schedule due to their routine and workload. So, here is a combo of 4 exercises which will hardly take an hour but can recharge your energy level for the whole day.


ExerciseRunning is the most essential among all other workouts. It is beneficial for lowering your fat, but mainly it increases the blood circulation level in the whole body due to which the blood along with the freshly inhaled oxygen reaches to every single corner of the body provide an instant increase in energy level. It is also proved scientifically that running makes your mind more innovative and increase its critical thinking capability. Running for 20min or half an hour is enough in the beginning.


ExerciseSquats are less time taking and perfect exercise for building and strengthening the leg and back muscles. Squats also help in lowering belly and thig area fat. Bend your legs while standing and move your hips outside so that it won’t lie in the same line of the leg. Move down with your hands away from the body and try to touch your stomach with the thigs. Beginners can start with 2 rounds of 5minutes daily. It is also beneficial for students who are suffering from digestion issues.

Leg Raise

ExerciseLeg Raise helps in straightening your backbone as well as improves your and thinking skill. You should lie down on your back placing your hands behind your head. Now simply lift both of your legs together without any gap or bends till 45 degrees, hold it for some time then go till 90 degrees and reverse the process again till the ground. Leg Raise is perfect to increase your stability along with burning fats. You should do 5 to 10 rounds of one minute.

Jumping Jacks

ExerciseJumping Jacks are considered best for students as it relieves stress, improves flexibility and actives the whole body at once. In jumping jacks, you must stand straight with your legs touching each other and hands pointing towards the ground. Now jump and separate your legs side by side and move your hand towards the sky at the same time. Regular doing of jumping jacks will result in muscle toning and increasing stamina. Start with 2 min cycle of 5 rounds and increase it slowly.

These were those 4 magical combos which will take an hour to do but provide your energy and freshness to work actively the whole day. So, include these in your daily routine and enjoy the college life with full enthusiasm.