Jogging is widely known as the exercise to reduce fat and boost well-being. With millions of people doing it every day, jogging has become one of the most common forms of workout.

Sprinting, on the other hand, is terribly under-rated as a fat burning and bodybuilding exercise. People don’t realize that with tons of benefits, short sprints are actually a way better workout than jogging or long-distance running.

Here are some advantages short sprints have over long-distance endurance training:

  • Better benefits for the time you put in

Jogging for an hour a day gives immense benefits, sure. But, four 10-15 minute sprints lets you reap around 200% of the benefits. Since sprinting is an anaerobic form of exercise which involves a lot of quick movement, it helps burn fat easier and build muscle.

  • Builds Muscle

In many ways, sprinting is similar to working out at the gym as it helps build muscles and keep fit. In the gym, people typically go about working out a different set of muscles each time, but intense sprinting puts a lot more muscles to use from leg muscles to facial muscles making it a whole package of bodybuilding. According to experts, one of the easiest ways to build abdomen muscles is by regular short distance sprinting.

  • Improves Metabolism

A study was conducted by Professor James Timmons Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and it reports that sprinting kick-starts the body’s metabolism where the metabolism rates spike sharply. This means that the body can still lose fat for a while after sprinting as the metabolism is still running high.

  • Sprinting Promotes Growth

Among the many benefits of sprinting, growth is also an important benefit as the exercise promotes the release of testosterone and growth hormone which are essential for growth and overall body development.

  • Keeps the heart healthy and strengthens the body

Now that the fact that sprinting gives various muscles a workout is established, there’s no doubt that it also increases strength and improves stamina. What’s more, is that it also improves cardiovascular health by keeping the heart rate consistently elevated at its peak for short bursts of time which strengthens the heart wall and improves blood flow throughout the body.

Overall, sprinting is extremely beneficial and improves well-being by also releasing Oxytocin and reducing stress. However, one must carefully start this exercise and keep in mind to start slow gradually increase the workout time as most people are not used to high-intensity training and workout regimes.