Are you unsure of your career growth? Aren’t you still puzzled about which opportunity to take? You, too, have big ambitions but unaware of which road to take? Lots of questions, lots of queries, but answers to none!!  

And, to my surprise, after brainstorming all my nerve cells, it appears that this is not the problem, which your generation is facing, it’s something that we all have gone through. May it be your seniors, super seniors, everyone has struggled in life on deciding which road to take, whether the one less traveled or the one which everyone takes! That is what is happening for a long time. But now, I believe, it’s time we understand that success needs extraordinary efforts and getting accustomed to new methodologies gives our dreams the wings to fly.

Realizing the present needs, LPU Alumni Association (LPUAA), in collaboration with Student Alumni Relationship Cell (SARC), has come up with a unique initiative of connecting the current students with the best alumni, aka Proud Vertos of Lovely Professional University. LPUAA, in association with SARC, under the aegis of the Division of Alumni Relations, LPU, has launched “Testimonial Tuesday,” an episodic social media campaign where Vertos get to know the success stories of alumni who have excelled in their fields of interest. 

It’s true that “Two-Thirds of the World is Covered by Water, the Rest by the LPU Community!”  And, LPU Alumni Association has sculptured this network to grow and stay connected. Working in close association with SARC, LPUAA has strived hard to connect the current students with its alumni via various endeavors, and even in times of global pandemic, they have interacted and beheld the bond with the alumni.

The social media campaign, Testimonial Tuesday, initiated on LPUAA social media handle, has made its way to the official LPU page also. The campaign introduces the Vertos to alumni that have an impeccable list of achievements and a success story with struggles. The campaign aims to increase the reach of alumni amongst Vertos and guide them to the path of success. The campaign will also help the alumni reach out to the students with resources that could help them in the future. 

Thus, Testimonial Tuesday with each episode will not only inspire the students with the journey of flourishing alumni but also allows them to know the various career dimensions available in their field.