Most of us would have a different perspective on education. Knowledge, learning, and education seem to carry in one or the other way, the same meaning. We seem to memorize things and call it education. We learn the facts and call ourselves educated.

If Thomas Alva didn’t experiment with the things, we wouldn’t have theories in hand to learn directly. They failed a lot but kept experimenting. Does that mean he was not educated enough? No. That means he was best educated to use his thoughts for something which did not exist. Einstein has quoted, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” We often confuse education with learning.

The competitive exams that are held have the sole purpose of testing if our minds run in the direction of what we are going to learn further. We learn all our school life, but if I ask a general question based on knowledge to any adult today, there are high chances of getting wrong answers or no answers. This is because, what we learned, our brain could not store every part of it. Education is something that stays.

With several new theories and inventions, we must start teaching the new generation to process information, to develop the ability to think and wonder. No one can deny the fact that if someone’s scoring high in school, he/she has got the potential to be successful. We need to ‘think’ about this and start educating our kids today and stop making them cram.