LPU’s American Football team (Women) has won the Gold medal in the AIIU American Football Championship 2022-23 with their steadfast dedication and hard work. The AIIU American Football Championship (Women) during the 2022–2023 campaign was a thrilling demonstration of skill, grit, and cooperation. The competition included the best female American football players in the nation. A number of exciting matches performed with skill and emotion were part of the competition.

The American football team of Lovely Professional University achieved a commendable feat by securing the gold medal in the All-India Inter-University American Football Championship (Women) for the 2022-23 season. Comprised of dedicated and highly skilled players, the team embarked on their journey with the sole objective of winning the tournament. They underwent an intensive training program encompassing both physical and mental conditioning as well as strategic preparations for each match. The coaches and support staff played a vital role in providing guidance and motivation to the team throughout the competition. Their exceptional effort and commitment contributed to their impressive performance and achievement of the gold medal.

With easy victories in every game, the LPU American Football team won the group stage and proved they were superior to their rivals. In the quarterfinals, they were up against a formidable opponent, but they prevailed after a fierce battle. The team’s masterful performance in the semifinals guaranteed their spot in the championship game.

Lovely Professional University is committed to supporting women’s sports and making sure that female athletes have equal opportunities. Modern facilities, specialized coaching, and extensive support systems are all provided for women’s sports by the institution, which takes pleasure in these accomplishments. To promote female involvement and highlight their skills, LPU puts on a variety of athletic activities, contests, and tournaments. The scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid provided to outstanding female athletes further demonstrate the university’s dedication to women’s athletics. In order to encourage women to realize their full potential and succeed as athletes, LPU also places a strong emphasis on providing a welcoming and safe environment in which they may participate, train, and perform in the sports of their choice.

The team displayed ability, talent, and sportsmanship throughout the competition, bringing honor to their university. Their accomplishment establishes a standard for following generations and emphasizes the value of tenacity. We congratulate the squad and coaches on this outstanding achievement!