Student Organisation Griffin hosted the latest Instagram live session on the Instagram handle of Lovely Professional University with one of India’s finest spiritual orators, Jaya Kishori Ji. Jaya Kishori Ji started her spiritual journey at the tender age of seven. Ever since her childhood awakening, she developed a staunch belief in fate and believed that nothing is ever planned – it’s all destined.

Being raised in a spiritual environment, her years of juvenescence were filled with stories of the Almighty as well as values taught by her family and elders. This sparked her curiosity and love for spiritualism which inspired her to become a spiritual orator and motivational coach.

The primary focus of Jaya’s discourse is to bestow faith and positivity among people who have a dearth of confidence in themselves and the world around them. Her aim is to help people choose the right path in their lives. Her mantra of success is in inspiring masses to lead an accomplished and more importantly, a peaceful life. Jaya prioritizes imparting wisdom that is necessary in tackling the world. She gives out lessons of values and virtues that she believes are essential in shaping a beautiful life. Every note in her speeches is fine-tuned for guiding her audience towards perfection.

She has earned quite a few noteworthy achievements with her commendable efforts in spreading positive vibes.

The Griffin Show with Jaya Kishori Ji

The live session started with Jaya Kishori ma’am started with shunning the concept of a comfort zone. She said that the moment we leave our comfort zone we get into the phase of growth. It is pretty important to leave your comfort zone if you want to go ahead in life. She also raises the concern that once we get used to our comfort zone it is also affecting our health in a bad way. Proceeding with the topic she also dived deep into the concept of laziness. She said that though COVID has pushed us back into our homes and in a way into a lazy lifestyle, it is finally the time to move out of our lazy shells and get working towards growth and progress.

The session was highlighted by her Bhajan’s that garner huge applause from the audience as she weaves the audience in her melodious voice. The session was indeed filled with life lessons for everyone. She shared her views on work-life balance and its importance. When asked she also explained in brief What is spirituality? She explained beautifully how the modern generation sees spirituality and what it means.

By the end of this session, she has already touched on a plethora of topics like the true meaning of choice, how to make a correct decision? savings, Generation gap, meditation, balance in life, vegetarianism, relationships and Spirituality for students to name a few.

In case you have missed the session, here’s the link to the full IGTV video: