The student organization, Griffin came up with another episode on the auspicious occasion of 73rd Republic Day with an eminent personality, Maj Gen Yash Mor. He is a third-generation Army officer. He passed out from the prestigious Indian Military Academy, Dehradun in June 1985 and he was awarded the Sena Medal and Army Chief Commendation Card for gallantry during Counter-Terrorist operations in South Kashmir. He is the CEO of ‘Save the Himalayas Foundation’ an NGO dedicated to preserving the fragile ecology of the Himalayan region. He is a motivator, TEDx speaker, author, editor, and Life coach.

During the pandemic, he started his own youtube channel and launched a talk show, ’Mor talks’ where he discusses their academy days with his guests. He asserted that this is the time when we can evolve, the pandemic has given us the opportunity and time to do so. Keep your circle of concern small, you can’t control the surrounding situations but you can convert adversity to your advantage. He also shed light on the motive of his NGO that it is high time to realize that we don’t have two or three but only one Himalayas, which is vital to us. If we don’t take care of the Himalayas then natural calamities are inevitable. The NGO has taken an initiative so that everyone can take responsibility and understand the situation in a better way.

The Griffin Show with Maj Gen Yash Mor

His father was also a soldier in the army and wanted his son to become an army officer. Maj Gen Yash Mor always wanted to be an army officer and he thinks that he was cut out for this life. In the academy, he loved participating in various sports and cultural activities. He emphasized that everyone should have some true ambition, some clear goal. Keep small and achievable targets and celebrate them once you achieve them, and keep moving ahead. Positive thinking comes from within when you are focussed, and when your intent is very clear.

He added that we should always keep in mind, “The result is just consequences of your choices”. Fitness also plays a very important role in our day-to-day life. One should also cultivate the habit of reading.

Be observant, there are many things you can learn from your surroundings. He also told about his encounters and operations and reminisced his memories. The final message that he gave to vertos was to have a vision for the future. We should unite as a nation rather than target a particular community. Always have a scientific temper, science can take you forward. We should move forward together, leaving no one behind.

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