The freshman roommates could perhaps the supreme and the awful thing that could happen to you ever. A bulk of a freshman year pressure arises from the fret about the person you shares your petite space with. Will they become your good friend or the shoddy enemy? The fact is that the roommates could have a gigantic impact on academic achievements, health and, social attitude. After considering that the students spend more time with their roommates than with their friends, it is no wonder.

However, going to college is expected to be the best years of life but it is utterly terrifying. In the college, there is no one around to embrace you, there is nobody to prepare breakfast, and no one is there to tell you to separate the white laundry from the coloured laundry. You are more alone than you have thought when you perceive that your roommate and you have nothing in common.


Choose Your Friend!

RoommatesThere is so much stress to become a best friend to your roommate when you start college. But, as much as we desire this happened, 100% of the time it does not work that way. The college has no utility whether the people who are sharing the room will get along when they allocate the dorms or the rooms, which means that you could be stuck with the one who is divergent of you.


Get some serenity and pleasantness!

RoommatesIf you are close to your roommate then you might have no thought what peace and being quiet is. However, a college is a place where you’ll have most fun but there come some moments where you just wanted to stay away from the flurry of the college and be by yourself for the little time. It could be difficult as you do not have your private room, but if you are comfortable with your roommate than you could settle down and do your own thing as your roommate could not be there most of the time!

Forcing the relationship with a duff roommate would never end well. Just do the things you love to do, give time to explore and enjoy the experience you get while being in the college.


Assets of the Good Roommates!

RoommatesEncountering a good roommate doesn’t mean that you have gained a friend rather it means that you stand to get a good CGPA, improved the personal fitness and appreciation of the diversity. A student’s CGPA increases by 0.11point on average and 9% increase in the likelihood that a person would be gleeful for delighted friends he or she has.


Jeopardy of the Bad Roommates!

RoommatesIt starts when you get glued in a crude pairing which could be woeful and ended up with the lower CGPA. But accept the truth that it is not always a match that is made in heaven. You know what; there is a 7% decrease in the probability that a person would be cheerful for each unhappy friend. There is 8.6% increase in the feasibility of a student to booze-up when uniting with a roommate who binges drinks.

Many colleges opt to randomly assign roommates to nurture the connections between the students and push them out of their comfort zones. The higher education experts say that living with strangers provide the students the new experiences which are crucial to their education.