A well-styled hair, perfectly fitted clothes, and a well-balanced strict diet might seem traits of a model; but let me get it straight in your mind, as a student and as a person studying in a professional university, grooming is as important as any other daily activity. It always doesn’t need to be costly grooming at salons and parlors, but you can follow basic steps of self grooming to keep yourself neat, clean, and appealing to others.

Today I’ll guide you on how you can groom yourself by following these steps which will boost your confidence, attitude, and personality. Self grooming is all about a hit and trial process where you’ve to find the best-suited style for yourself, for instance, your hairstyle, clothes, and the shoes you wear.



Your face is the most important part of your body as it’s the first thing people will look at. To groom your face, you don’t need expensive makeup and creams. It just has to be well cleaned with water or maybe a face wash. If you are a boy, well maintenance of your facial hair is important. If you like clean shaved, make sure to shave it well and use some aftershave; if you like keeping a beard, it’s important to keep it in shape.


Just like your face, your hair needs equal care and cleaning. Make sure to shampoo and brush it well. If your hair gets dry easily, use other products such as natural oils.


Wearing clothes according to your day’s purpose is very important. Remember the clothes you wear should be the size you are and not the size you want to be. Always wear clean and washed clothes.


Wearing the right shoes is as important as wearing the right clothes. Remember to keep the shoes clean and polished. The shoes should also be exactly the size of your feet.


Keep your nails in shape and clean any dirt you see daily. You should avoid chewing or biting nails as it can affect the shape of your nails.


Taking proper care of your skin is important after taking a bath. If your skin gets dry, remember to use moisturizers.

Well, these are just some basic self-grooming tips which one should follow as a student and during his/her student life.