This article was written in the month of May 2020 – during lockdown!

No doubt, everyone has faced and is still facing problems because of these lockdown extensions, due to COVID-19 pandemic. But looking from a different way, we students can accept this as a vacation. Can’t we?

A strange Vacation; vacation because it’s probably the longest package of summer holidays we’ve ever had and, strange because it’s not the same as an earlier vacation; you are not allowed to move outside the home, to meet, to shop, or to hang out with the friends that we were usually doing in those vacations.

But, this vacation is extremely special for the 3rd and 4th year students. It is their last vacation at the college. As, most of the scholars are close to getting placed, and are about to join the organization or company where they need to figure, work, and work. And just before that, we got this period “Our last vacation”, to spend a while with our parents, at our home.

Make this time worth remembering, which you will reminisce to cherish that you simply have spent a great time together with your family, once you are going to be in some part of the country working, post-pandemic.

So, how to spend time with your family?

Prepare food for your mother:
Whether it is a lockdown, or after lockdown, our mother was the only one to cook food for the family even before lockdown. She was the first one to adopt the ‘WORK FROM HOME strategy. (Considering mother as a housewife). She has been cooking for long.

Everyone cares for his or her mother. Let’s take a day to prepare a meal for our mothers. Ask her to rest, and cook a dinner for her, at least once during this vacation. Generally, girls help her with the kitchen activities. Now, we have time to assist, let’s make her happy by making one-day dinner. Think, how happy she is going to be. Can’t we do this to make someone happy?

This will make our mother feel delighted, and loved.

You are not allowed to move outside, even then you have to be happy and make the most out of it.

Spend the days in a manner, to quote this in the end:

“I am happy, I have utilized that time”.