I would un-worriedly slip into my sloppy pyjamas and start dancing to the happiest melodies on the boombox rather than partying with my friends. At times, I fairly lie to my bestie and make delicious dishes to myself singing and sprinkling joy all over the place. Every night I just wrap myself in sheets and cuddle with my squashy pillows till the dawn arrives at peace. We social animals like some lone time. However, quarantine with family around is a huge hindrance to it. Still, is there a possible cosy spot at our homes? Find that out with me.

Should we really need to be alone?

Science and psychology say yes. Perhaps not all the time. Anxiety is a close enemy for all of us, agreed. Incidentally, four members of the family seriously discussing coronavirus is, in fact, a perfect time for anxiety to drive us crazy. Exactly that’s when you jump onto self-control. Having some alone time can be a promising remedy for it. Read along with me to know the special spots at our home to feel cosy.

A night out on the rooftop

Do you recollect the joy of sleeping on the rooftops? Well, one can never forget counting the stars, floating clouds and the moon playing hide and seek in the vibrant blue sky. I believe that rejoice is still up there waiting for us to join with it someday. This time replenish your mind with every ounce of happiness you discover on that rooftop.

That idle chair

Every house has that one untouched chair, idle yet peaceful. The best cosy place I should say. Why choose it? It’s a completely or partially abandoned thing in the house. Probably not that previous to fight with your siblings over who gets it first. How can it bring peace? First, relax and rest your feet on the wall. Simply starting at the ceiling or reading a book anything is perfectly cosy. If necessary, ask your parents and siblings to not disturb you. Empty your thoughts and keep your mind as blank as possible.

Lone walks in the garden

Talking about peace and happiness, nothing does more justice than greenery. Science supports that being close to nature keeps us calm and contented. Don’t want to believe me? Then why not try it by yourself? Taking a long walk accompanied by a great talk with yourself is ultimate divineness. One of the greatest conservations you can ever have in life is the one with yourself.