We all are aware of some of the conventional methods to burn calories and lose fat. They include exercising, going to a gym, weight-lifting, and eating the right food at the right time. Today, let’s talk about some of the non-conventional methods to burn a few calories you may be unaware of!


Not aware of the term? It means causing the movement of body parts (in a non-exercise way!) such as moving your hands or legs, tapping your fingers (even texting a message!), moving often from one position to another helps you to lose more calories than you expect to! It is more visible in the ones who have high body weight. It can also prevent the gain of weight along with losing some effective calories.

Drinking coffee

Yeah! All coffee lovers out there, you heard it right! You all know that coffee consists of a substance called caffeine which has been seen to increase your body metabolism and enhance the rate by which you may burn some fat. Caffeine is also known for inducing hormonal changes and changing sleep patterns in individuals.


There is a lot of benefits of being a cheerful person (all the ones who laugh without hesitation anytime, anywhere; can we be friends?)! You must be familiar with the common term- Laughter is the best medicine, Laughter is the best exercise! Well, they weren’t wrong at all! Laughter has been observed to boost your mental as well as physical health including reduction of stress and burning of calories. 15-20 minutes of laughter can burn up to 30-40 calories on average. It increases the metabolic rate by about 10-20% in many cases! Though it’s not very high, cumulatively can add up to a significant number!

Chewing gum

Chewing a piece of gum is a common and effective exercise of your jaws, which in turn promotes fullness in your stomach and brings down the number of calories you tend to consume. Also, you may end up burning more calories when you eat a meal after chewing gum. It also keeps you occupied and prevents you from eating random stuff.

Drinking water

Drinking more and more water activates our metabolism by 30% and allows us to lose weight quite easily. Dehydrated people have been seen to have a low metabolic rate. The temperature of water might not make a significant difference. Adding a tinge of lemon or honey in warm water boosts up your weight loss and also helps to get rid of toxins from your body.

So, these are some of the ways you can lose calories without giving much of a thought, I hope now, you’ll practice them more and effortlessly!