You must be aware that our physical and mental health depends a lot on how we lead our lifestyle. If our lifestyle is healthy, we will physically be devoid of illnesses and mentally at peace, and if it is unhealthy, our body will suffer from multiple diseases leading to stress and depression in many. Henceforth, we need to keep in mind how we are dealing with our lives and inculcate small changes to make a difference prominent enough to change our lives.


I have mentioned exercise in a lot of places, as due to the hectic schedule of college, I need a constant reminder as well. It is for all those who are a leading sedentary lifestyle due to online mode of studies or jobs, please be a little physically active and reduce the stress on your body! And exercise does NOT necessarily mean going to the gym!

Regular walking for a minimum of half an hour

As a sub-part of exercise, if you are not able to make out enough time for a proper workout, try to walk for at least 30 minutes and it will do wonders for you! There is a long list of benefits of regular walking including a reduction in the risks of heart diseases and maintaining your body metabolism.

Having a healthy diet

Want to stay healthy? Cut out junk food or minimize it to once a month and eat home-cooked food i.e. a balanced diet. Junk food contains lots of fats that are hard to digest by the body and reduce your metabolism to a significant level and is the root cause of various malfunctioning in the body. I’m not suggesting any diet or limit your food consumption to make you starve, but to make sure you intake a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients and cease the intake of food from the outside. For the ones out there wishing to shed some weight, this is your primary step!

Reduce screen time

 Even the one who is telling you this is looking at the screen at the moment, so, in this digital world, one of the hardest things to do is to stay away from our phones and laptops and other devices. You must know that the screen reflects rays that are harmful to your eyes, so better take a break from it for some time. Listen to music, walk around in a park or greenish area, interact with others, in other words, find another source of entertainment apart from these.

Take breaks in between

Have continuous classes from 9-5 or a full-time job? No issues. Take regular breaks in between, stand up and roam around, don’t strain your neck and back to that extent where it becomes hard to even sit and do the rest of the work. In this hectic schedule, don’t forget to take some time for yourself, and analyze what you did all day and what your plan for the next day is. Make short goals and try to achieve them, it takes very little effort but will end up making a huge difference.