What is the conference? It is basically a gathering of a group of people, who share a common interest, to discuss a particular topic. Attending a conference can be a very interesting thing. Not only you get to see and hear the successful persons from the field on which the conference is organized, you also get to see other persons who are in the same level as you are and get to discuss about the problems you face or the little success stories that you have experienced, thereby getting a fresh surge of energy.

So, here are the things that you get to learn by attending conferences:


conferenceThroughout the world, millions of research works are taking place which is not possible to keep track of by a single person. When you attend a conference, you get to hear from many persons and you can exchange information, therefore, knowing about the innovations you never heard of. That’s a good way to stay updated, isn’t it?


Till now, before attending conferences, you were in an unprofessional environment, surrounded by friends, families, relatives, and teachers. Now, in a conference, you cannot help but follow professional rules and etiquettes. You have to remove your casuals and get on the formals. In conversations, you have to show professionalism and keep away from the way you talk to friends and families. And yes, you have to call that person “Sir” in a conference, in front of everyone, if you come across him whom you call “Uncle” at home. That’s the fun fact about it. Because in a conference, professionalism is everything. Relax, its not that much tough. The only thing that you have to do is to attend more and more conference and time will come when etiquettes will come naturally.


conferenceWell, in the beginning, you may feel shy to express your views in front of others and you may prefer to sit in one corner of the hall. But this technique will not work if you want to reach the apex position of your field. Have a big dream? Learn to express yourself. Conferences are a great platform to learn communication skills. You may not be able to master the skills in one day but keep on trying. You may get blank on the stage, you may get chocked while speaking, and people may even laugh at you. Let them do. And remember the faces. Keep trying and a day will come when you will see those faces, from the dais, clapping for you.


conferenceWithout teamwork, one is not able to organize even a meeting, and organizing a conference is beyond imagination. There are many things to arrange for organizing a press conference. And no human being is able to do all that alone. Even if you are not organizing the conference, when you are participating in it you have to indulge in teamwork. You have to work as a team in implementing the ideas and discuss the outcomes of the idea. Remember, the best result can only be obtained when the thoughts governing it are organized and not random.

So, the next time you are asked to attend a conference, the first thing you need to do is registering yourself and be present there on time. And don’t be late, because as told earlier, professionalism is everything!