The social media platform LinkedIn is much different from other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is not something that one uses to post selfies and updates about their daily life. Rather it has a professional look and atmosphere that is much different from others. While the other platforms make your presence established among your friends and family members, LinkedIn does that in the corporate sector of the world. This is a great tool that if properly used can hugely boost you towards achieving your dream job by connecting you with potential employers.

In many cases, it happens that the employers look at the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to check whether or not the candidate has the requisite skills to join the company. In other words, it can be said that the LinkedIn profile has a value similar to that of a resume. Hence, it becomes absolutely important for the college students to keep their profile professional and up-to-date so as to create a good image in the minds of the potential employers; and here are some important points you may follow:

Decent Profile Picture

LinkedIn Profile

The first thing that a person sees when he or she opens the social media account is the profile picture. This creates an initial impression of the account holder in the mind of the viewers. The profile picture used in the LinkedIn account should be different from the one that is generally used on Facebook and Instagram. It is advised not to use a selfie on LinkedIn. The attire should be properly chosen to give a professional look and the photo should not be overly edited.

Summary and Headline

They give a brief description of who you are. Your talents, skill sets, achievements, awards, extra-curricular activities, hobbies, areas of interest and much more are reflected in these sections. The headline is a single line description of you. It is only about the skill set or your current job description. Nothing more nothing less. In the summary section, you are required to truly open up yourself and write all about the topics mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph. It gives the description of you as a person. But proper care should be taken not to write unnecessary and totally unprofessional things like your food habits or your favourite sports team, which will certainly make your summary appear unprofessional.

Proper and Accurate Info

LinkedIn Profile

Generally, it is the point where students are a bit confused. The info should be to the point. One should positively refrain from using false information. Every achievement mentioned should have a supporting document to prove it. One might have a fairly good number of achievements, but falling for the greed to make the number more, he or she might give in false information. If the false achievement amuses the employer, they’d want the certificate. The candidate will be stuck and eventually when the truth will come out, the candidate is bound to get rejected, no matter how good his or her other skills are.