It may seem that getting a job requires only the qualities and experiences as mentioned in the eligibility criteria. However, the case is exactly the opposite. For recruiting candidates, employers look for a wide range of qualities apart from those mentioned, to select the right one. Obviously, academics are among the most important things that will convert the candidate to an employee. Without proper academics, a candidate isn’t even allowed to sit in the test, leave aside the interview round. But here, we will discuss the top qualities other than academics that will impress the employers and push the candidate ahead of his/her contemporaries.

  • Communication Skills

Top Qualities Employers Look For In Candidates

Apart from your appearance, communication skill is the second thing that will help create a rough image of you in their minds. And since “The first impression is the last impression”, it matters a lot. In the company, you will interact with a bunch of other persons, communicate with them and get the work done for the company. So, the employers generally look for candidates with a strong vocabulary, efficient speaking skills, and determined voice to hire. In LPU, students are given hands-on training on soft skills which include personal interviews, GDs, short speeches to name a few, which boosts our confidence and are taught English to increase our vocabulary from the first year only which makes the road to our dream company a lot smoother.

  • Confidence Level

Top Qualities Employers Look For In Candidates

This is one of the common reasons due to which a candidate is rejected in the interview round. Even though you are academically qualified enough to get the job, still you might be rejected due to lack of confidence which will show your lack of competence and decision-making capabilities. Speaking too fast, fumbling, biting your nails, shaking your legs can give out your low-confidence level to the panel in which each and every member is an expert in interpreting your body language. Our well-qualified soft-skills teachers in LPU keep an eye over these traits and report us immediately when we are doing so unknowingly, thus creating a habit not to do so in the future.

  • Team-work and Leadership Qualities

Top Qualities Employers Look For In Candidates

When you join a company, you are made to work with a group of people under the supervision of a senior to make you learn the skills and gradually, as time passes by, you make a group of people work under your supervision, so, both team-work and leadership qualities are important to sustain oneself in the corporate world. The student organizations and the various events organized in Lovely Professional University allows the students to learn and develop team-work and leadership qualities while adding another bunch of certificates for display in the interview.

  • Problem Solving Skills

importance of soft skills

During the interview process, the candidate will be put forward several problems developed by the panel to take a glimpse of their problem-solving skills on the spot. During his career, often he/she will be posted in front of such problems, which the candidate needs to tackle efficiently using his/her skills and experience. It is advised to develop the problem-solving skills, which the students of LPU are made to develop from the first year only, in parallel to academics because, it is generally seen that the candidate with more problem-solving skills grabs the job leaving behind the one with less problem-solving skills and slightly better academic records.

  • Reliability

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When you work in a company, the company will entrust you with a certain job to be done before a set date or time. And before that, the company needs to be sure that you can do it perfectly. The panellists often ask about how reliable you are during an interview and they must get a convincing answer from your side. The curriculum in Lovely Professional University is set to provide a lot of projects works to develop the urgency to complete a given work in time from the beginning of the course. Even you can be a member of the event-organizing team that will also give you a certificate to support your answer to the question asked at the beginning of the paragraph.