It’s good to be competitive, it’s good to try harder than others, it’s good to never give up, and I deny none of them! But all this is good until you don’t make it look like a race.
All of us have one life, and living it to the fullest should be our goal. There will be no joy if we always keep emphasizing on leaving people behind.

We are all human beings, and wanting to progress in life is natural, but progress should be harmonious. Even if you treat life like a race, make it a race with yourself, not with others.
Everybody on the planet has entirely different lives, and no two lives can be compared! People have their own reasons of happiness and grief. They have their own goals and plans. Every single person is blessed with certain qualities and it’s not bad if we don’t have them. Your journey has its own beauty.

When you cherish every moment and every opportunity that life offers you, when you believe that everything happens for a reason and every bad experience has something to teach, the journey becomes beautiful and adventurous. When you start learning from your mistakes instead of lamenting about why you made them, you will grow.
Walking hand in hand and treating each other right is one way the world can become a better place to live in! Now it’s your choice, whether to enjoy the journey with every step, or constantly race towards the first position with no real growth!
Come on, decide.


-Sakshi Aneja

“On the constant Mission of Wisdom Discovery. Philophile, Nyctophile and immensely Philozoic. Using my Pen to fill Life into the Plethora of my Thoughts, I am a Learner, a Music Lover and a Kid at Heart.”