Semester’s ending and many of us will soon return back to our home for winter break. With us, we would be taking tons of good and bad memories. As life for a student is not always a bed of roses, sadly. Most of those memories are made of our friends – classmates mostly. Yes, not to forget our amazing roomies and friends from other blocks too.  So here we go down the memory lane.

Types of Classmates

Types of classmates

  1. Mr. /Ms. know it all – This person like literally knows almost everything present in the academics. Sometimes out of book content too. Depending on that person’s character and your relation you may or not feel like he/she is showing off or just sharing knowledge.
  2. The Queen/King Bee – There is this one person in your class whose opinion everyone takes. He/She is valued a lot by the other classmates and they can easily convince you for any matter.
  3. Junkie – This person is that character of the story who is comfortable in his/her own world. Not like the literal meaning of the word like addicted to something but he/she just comes, listens and goes. Has minimum relation with anyone or none at all and it doesn’t bother them. Even if they are a chatterbox at the end of the day you might notice even after so much conversation you practically know nothing about them personally. They can dress like a homeless stranger to carrying off a dress like they own the world making people’s jaw drop.
  4. Mr./Ms. Happen it all – We all have that one person in class who has gone through everything we have or will be going through. If you say that you went to restaurant and food came cold for which you had to talk to the manager to get freshly made food, then that person would have had experienced something same. The worst part would be that you be cut off in between and their story would start. Even if you fell off the cliff and broke your leg then they would have experienced same but with broken spine as well.
  5. The Studious – This is usually is the topper of the class. Or at least one of toppers. Sometimes it looks like their sole purpose of existence is to only study. Which can be or not be true too. This is the person who will lend you notes one night before the exam.
  6. The Silent observer – He/She is so comfortable in their own comfort zone that usually they won’t make much interactions unless someone speaks to them. They are not closed off people and will talk well to you but prefer to silently observe all the happening of the class.
  7. The Trouble Maker – This person is usually everyone’s favorite. As he/she has the ability to keep the class entertained. Whether it be playing pranks on one another or making class go nuts with laughter. They are always the crowd’s favorite.
  8. The Over Smart – We all know this person and it bugs hell of us. In reality everyone knows that this person has no knowledge or smartness. But He/She pretends like they know everything about everything. Worst part is when they try to rub off that “Gayan” on you.
  9. The Kind – This is that person you know can help you off anything. Whether it be listening to your late night calls about heartbreak or helping you out in your CA. You know you can count on him/her anytime.
  10. The Drama Queen – This can be your male or female classmate as drama is not restricted to any gender. This person has the tendency to do drama for anything and everything. If something small like a scratch had happened it would be presented in front of all like it bone has been broken. Sometimes looking at them you wonder how someone can survive so much drama on daily basis. But usually you just laugh it off as day-to-day free entertainment.

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