* The theme of the conference was “Business in the Turbulent World: Keeping Connections Alive”

* Keynote speakers and delegates were from USA, Australia and top industry

* “Experiences from both turbulent & good times prepare one as a good leader”: Prof Dr Steve Mckenna

ACBSP (USA) accredited, Mittal School of Business of Lovely Professional University organized an international conference in collaboration with the Curtin University of Australia. The theme of the conference was “Business in the Turbulent World: Keeping Connections Alive- 2022”, which is very relevant considering the geo-political and economic chaos across the globe.

Keynote speakers, delegates and participants at the conference were from the USA, Australia, top industry, various states of India & 40 other countries. The conference was co-chaired by Prof Dr Steve Mckenna of Curtin Business School of Perth (Australia).

Dr Steve Mckenna of Curtin Business School from Australia addressing the students and staff members during Global Conference at LPU campus

Addressing the management students at LPU and delegates, Dr Mckenna highlighted his learning about leading and leadership in both turbulent and non-turbulent times. He shared that both of such times indicate a person’s experiences to be a good leader in things to do then. In simple key-liners, he advised all to make things happen; always have a sense of urgency; build relationships & networks incessantly; never judge others by norms and values of self; earn respects through deeds; meet commitments; build trust; and, above all, never overthink problems-deal firmly with its causes and effects.

Similarly, the Global Head of Analytics, AI, & Geospatial Initiatives and an industry-recognized thought leader at Tech Mahindra, Dr Saurabh Rai advised being always customer/ stakeholder centric by living up to trust and expectations. Change in the scenario will remain constant. The thing most needed is to be ever vigilant for emerging trends. The solution to all turbulence lies in strong connectivity. Keep on developing, building and nurturing networks.

In another virtual address from the USA; Prof Dr Mohan Veer Sawhney talked about marketing in the phase of disruption. He suggested that marketing has become both an art and a science.  Always have innovation by reimagining and redefining the marketing methods. Provide value in the engagements by doing whatever one says and saying whatever one does. Having the right brain creativity, one can become a 360-degree marketeer.

On this occasion, a book titled ‘Mini Cases-in Management, Commerce and Accounting’ was also released. Before this, the Director of the Conference & Pro Vice-Chancellor at LPU, Prof Dr Sanjay Modi, had initiated the conference seeking expected results out of deliberations. Dr Modi was accompanied by Prof Dr Rajesh Verma and Prof Dr Suresh Kashyap on the main dais. 

LPU Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr Sanjay Modi, Dr Steve Mckenna of Curtin Business School from Australia and other delegates releasing the Journal during Global Conference at LPU campus

The conference was aimed to provide a broad platform for researchers, practitioners and scholars to exchange ideas and insights. The broad area of the conference included ‘potential applications of technologies; proactive discussions; and, the post COVID-19 pandemic narrative. As such, it covered the leverage of emerging technologies; key issues impacting business in the turbulent world; offered the latest practices in employee engagement; and, shaping the future workforce by delving into topics to deepen attendees’ understanding. In connection with the pandemic, it was covered how Industry can keep connections alive and accelerate priorities in the present pandemic-free era.