Student Organization ‘GRIFFIN’ under the aegis of Division of Youth Affairs, Lovely Professional University organized an online webinar on ‘Challenges Faced by Law in the Era of Technology’. The guest for this webinar was none other than Shri. Shubham Agrawal, IPS. He is an ASP Additional Superintendent of Police, Pathankot, Punjab. He is an Engineer himself and graduated with a B.Tech CSE degree from NIT Prayagraj, UP.

In this webinar, Shubham sir discussed what are the new challenges faced by the law in the era of new technology, falling within the scope of the laws regulating the use of data, evidence, creative works and inventions. The webinar will also cover the topics of Online Privacy, Social Media Law, Privacy Policies, Terms of User Agreements, etc.

Webinar on ‘Challenges Faced by the Law in the Era of Technology’ organised by ‘GRIFFIN’

He started with the basic idea of cybercrime and how these violations of law in the cyber world affect the common people. He also shared some interesting as well as somewhat concerning facts with the audience. He stated that most complaints that he gets for cybercrime are usually fraud calls wherein they ask the victim for their OTPs and account numbers. He also shared a virtual experience on how police deal with such crimes. Also, he focused on the fact that in case of cybercrimes if the police are informed within the first 24 hours, then the chances of the case getting solved is maximum. You just have to give the police some basic details to get started with.

He discussed a lot about different types of crimes and how each one should be dealt with. When asked about tips or things that should be kept in mind in order to save ourselves from such crimes, he gave the audience a few tips:

  • It is advised to change passwords regularly and must once you think the same has been compromised.
  • One should never share his/her account details or OTPs with anyone.
  • If you have kids at home, you should monitor the kids when you give them your phone.

These are just a few glimpses of the amazing and informative webinar organized by Student organization GRIFFIN. In case you are interested in such webinars stay tuned to its social media platforms. They also upload such webinars on their YouTube Channel.