“Everybody is talented because everybody who is a human has something to express.” – Brenda Ueland

The above quote by Brenda Ueland rightly describes that every person on this planet is talented and is unique in its way, its, just that they need the right guidance and a platform to express and unleash their talent. And, Lovely Professional University, I believe, is the best in this particular domain. The opportunities it provides to its students to explore and nurture their hidden talent is magnificent.

You all might be aware of the virtual events that the university has been organizing to fight the pandemic chaos & to adapt to the new normal. But who knew that the university would be announcing one of its Mega events with a virtual twist! Yes, my dear friends, the Department of Cultural Affairs, under the aegis of the Division of Student Welfare, has announced its enthralling, captivating, and annual Mega event, the ‘Inter-School Cultural Festival: Spectra 2020,’ from 2nd November to 5th November 2020. This cultural fest allows the Vertos to showcase their talent in various competitions under the categories of Music, Dance, Theatre, Literary & Fine Arts.


All the previous seasons of Spectra have witnessed heated, high spirited competition between various schools and Vertos giving their best performances. Spectra has always been exciting for the participants as it opens the gateway to the other Mega events of the university, like Youth Vibe, One World, One India, and was amusing for the onlookers as well, as they witnessed the delightful performances.

This year the Virtual twist in the cultural festival has made it even more fascinating and challenging for the participants to win for their schools. At this time, the competition has three rounds, and the finale will be from 2nd November 2020 to 5th November 2020. It is the first time in the history of LPU that an Inter-School Cultural Festival is organized virtually!

So, let’s begin with further details:

In the cultural festival, all the schools will be competing under the 5 different categories, viz., Music, Dance, Theatre, Literary & Fine Arts. The first two rounds, i.e., Round 1 & Round 2, are the talent hunt rounds. The last and the final round, i.e., Round 3, will decide the winners of Spectra 2020. 


  • Competitions under each category are:
  1. Music: Classical Vocal, Instrumental (Percussion), Instrumental (Non – Percussion), Western Vocal (Solo), & Light Vocal
  2. Dance: Nritya Natraj-Semi/classical, Dancing Soul-Western FreeStyle, & Folk Dance
  3. Theatre: Mimicry, & Stand-up Comedy
  4. Literary: The Perspective: Elocution, Turn Coat: Debate with Self, & Poetry
  5. Fine Arts: Spot Painting, Cartooning, & Poster- Making


  • Round 1

Round 1 is the screening round, where all the Vertos can submit their entries for the competitions under each category. From this screening round, the top 20 participants will be shortlisted by the judges. Here in this round, the students have to submit a video of 1 min on the following links. And to your surprise, this round has started from 25th September and will last till 2nd October 2020.

  1. For Music: https://tinyurl.com/spectra-music-competition
  2. For Dance: https://tinyurl.com/spectra-dance-competition
  3. For Theatre: https://tinyurl.com/spectra-theatre-competition
  4. For Literary: https://tinyurl.com/spectra-literary-competition
  5. For Fine Arts: https://tinyurl.com/spectra-finearts-competition


  • Round 2

In Round 2, the 20 participants shortlisted from Round 1 will compete with each other. The participants will have to perform their best to reserve their place among the top 6 finalists of Spectra 2020. Round 2 will be on Google Meet from 5th October 2020 to 18th October 2020, where the participants will perform safely in their homes to make it to the finale.

After the end of Round 2, the university will have the best 6 talented Vertos in each category, who will then compete with all their might to win the title in Spectra 2020.


  • Round 3 (Finale)

The Round 3 or the finale of Inter-School Cultural Festival: Spectra 2020, as said earlier, will be from 2nd November 2020 to 5th November 2020. The finale will be on the Google Meet platform, and the top 6 talented Vertos will have a virtual fight to win for their schools.


The winner, first, and the second runner-up of each category will get the merit certificates and direct entry in the other mega-events of the university. Apart from the position holders, the top 6 participants of each category will receive participation certificates.

So, hurry up, Vertos, if you have the talent to showcase, then grab the opportunity now! Good luck!