Every student at the beginning of his/her graduation has a lot of questions and doubts. All they need is the right piece of advice and a push to make the most out of their graduation life. Well, who would be more suitable than a senior who faced all of this a couple of years ago? I would like to share some academic-centred points with my budding juniors to be kept in mind as they advance through:

Start with the end in mind

The most common confusion among to-be-graduates is regarding the field of career to opt. Most decide to go with the flow which may appear as the most suitable choice for you also. But keep in mind that this inability to decide may lead you to compromise in one way or another so it is best to decide as early as you can as to how exactly you want to see yourself in 4 to 5 years.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything

A common mistake which we all commit is to involve in a number of activities far exceeding our personal management limits. If you want a benchmark, keep in mind the first come first serve. For instance, if you need to complete a certain portion of your syllabus or online course in a day then you would not switch to other activities (be it sports with buddies, recreation, co-curricular activities, any other course, etc.) unless you have completed it.

It may appear rigid, but it will develop in you the attitude of completing the work at hand. So, make sure to select the right task and stick to it until its done.

Keep brushing your knowledge

During a span of 4 years (for most cases) you are going to study no less than 50 subjects. Definitely, there is no need to elaborate as to how important it is to regularly revise important topics (from a career perspective) if you want to retain them for long.

Keep your close company focused

No one can inspire and motivate you as your friends do. It is good to socialize but when it comes to your roomies (the ones you live with) and homies (the ones you hang out with), keep in mind it is better to have only one right friend rather than having ten wrong for the right ones will help you to be on track and the wrong ones will divert you from the track sooner or later.

It is an undeniable fact that you will face challenges in this journey, but they will ultimately be shaping you into the personality you dream to be.