This global pandemic has implemented lots of changes in our lives; some of them have had some huge impacts on our lives transforming it completely. Though it takes much time to adapt to a specific change, we somewhat have managed to embrace the changes and live with them. Similar sort of alteration occurred in my life too, being a college student; I missed what everybody craves for, the golden years of my college life which I’m never going to get back. It’s not only the story of me but thousands of other students and if this doesn’t make you emotional, nothing will.

I’m a student of batch 2019 having 119 at the beginning of my registration number that has been my identity in the University. I have been in the University for around 8 months from July to March before the lockdown was imposed. During those 8 months, I experienced something I never had before; I experienced what true and raw friendship is. It’s not that I didn’t have friends before in school; but in college, it’s a whole new concept of friendship you get to learn. If the school has taught you how to make friends, the college will teach you how to sustain that friendship forever. It’s a different unexplainable feeling and maturity you experience and is indeed the best! For all those who haven’t been able to start their college life yet and are counting days for it, you have no idea what you are about to experience; something that will stay with you as a valuable treasure forever.

Even between the hectic 9-5 schedule every day, we learned how to relieve stress and spent quality time together. Even amid the uncountable lectures, CAs, assignments, exams, and projects, we found our consolation to help each other and face it together. Whenever we had a break, we used to take a quick walk around the lush green gardens and admire the alluring beauty of our campus (Seriously! Over 600 acres, it is indeed the most beautiful campus!). We used to visit the food courts and treat each other even after having a meal in the hostel mess! Being students of Block 28, the benches were our paradise! Nothing was more amazing than sitting there and gossiping in our free time. The fun after the classes ended was incomprehensible, there was a little world comprising of just ‘us’, outside which we didn’t care about anything else. If it hadn’t been for LPU, I wouldn’t have ever known what college life can provide us and why everyone is so hell-bent on this.

People say that college life is incomplete without hostel life and I couldn’t agree more! Staying with your friends, going to sleep watching your favourite movies and waking up at noon with them, studying together the night before exams and helping each other during a tough time and illness is separate solicitude. And when you have felt all this in a short period, isn’t it natural for you to miss and crave for everything? Crave for all the fun you had while sitting alone in a secluded place at home? The fact is that you can never return to the previous year which changed you, created a terrible shift and shook the entire world.

Even if the University opens now (all of you must have received the notice!), everything won’t be the same with the threat of virus hanging on our heads, we need to be extra cautious and take preventive measures and socially distance ourselves as suggested by the authorities. As my final year is arriving and with that countless responsibilities too, I feel a little dejected to have lost a year of the most beautiful period of my life. I miss college, my friends and the time spent with them terribly and so do you, don’t you?