The corona pandemic has shown us glimpses of the future world and the most important part of this future will surely be the internet. With the roll-out of 5G at such cheap cost and its easy accessibility, consumers are bound to spend an increasing amount of time in online research, social media, etc. A study conducted shows that the total number of internet users throughout the globe grew up by 321 million in the past 12 months i.e. adding 8,75,000+ new users per day.

The pandemic had made companies think and reframe their plans for a presence on Digital platforms. They have understood that the new era of digitalization has begun, and if they fail to incorporate themselves, they will fall hard.

The current industry is seeing a huge demand for digital marketing skills, and this demand will easily outweigh the supply for professionals in the coming future. ​So, let’s look at a few points to understand why to choose Digital Marketing as your career:

There’s a Digital Skills Gap:

Businesses are aggressively shifting from traditional advertisement towards Digital Marketing and this had created an immense gap of skilled professionals in the market. ​Today more and more businesses are hiring digital marketers for their companies, and the demand is rising day by day.


As a digital marketer, you have the opportunity to explore the industry of your choice. From design to retail, from entertainment to finance, the demand for Digital Marketing lies in each area. Therefore, switching between industries is effortless as these skills are highly transferable.   

The industry is always evolving:

The Digital Marketing field evolves frequently due to consumer preferences, consumer tastes and technological upgrades. The Digital Marketing Industry has to adapt to new strategies very frequently to makes the job much more client-friendly and fruitful in the long run.   

Highly rewarding career options: 

Digital Marketing Industry is growing at a speed of 7% around the world and above 10% in many developed and developing countries. This growth is neglected by many professionals and institutes, thus creating a huge demand-supply gap for Digital Marketers​. A person with digital marketing skills can expect a high salary due to the demand to supply equation.

About Author

We are ​Yogesh Agarwal (Founder & CEO, Rankofy) ​and ​Partha Dolui (Founder & Creative Director, Rankofy)​, proud alumni from LPU’s School of Computer Application.

Our journey of pursuing digital marketing started after we selected it as an optional subject in our 2nd year. We were very fascinated with the idea of such low cost and accurate marketing for creating brands. Soon this liking became our love when we joined companies as a digital marketing intern.

Digital Marketing

After seeing a rapid increase of digital marketing in the pandemic, we decided to create and start our own company- ​Rankofy, ​ to help every type of business whether small, startups or established for creating a brand. To date, we have completed more than 10+ projects in less than a year and are ready to make a mark in our customer’s life with our Digital Marketing Services.