The season of exams is already on our doors. Locking us behind the doors of our rooms with a pile of books surrounding us. This unfortunate situation never ends here because books will just not fill up space in our room but also get stuck inside our heads. Fortunately, on the count of our fingers, the season of the examination will end. After days of hardship and sleepless nights, we can secure some fun time, and enjoy it until the next semester starts.

One of the best times of the holidays is just after the end of the examinations. When we are carefree, hanging around like a free bird, and having fun. Most of us may have plans for internships, family trips, and many festive celebrations that were halted, just because we were not at home. But sometimes we need to pre-plan the things so that we can enjoy as well as utilize the after examination holidays.

Here are five things that we must know as our examination gets over:

Clean Study Area = Clear Mind

What You Need To Know As Your Exam Ends

Yay! Get ready to declutter your brain, while you declutter your study area. Clean the pile of books and notes of your previous semester. Pick that pile of notes, assignments, and examination question papers and stall them away in a cupboard. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” trick will work here and clear your head and release your stress.

Journaling is Key to Success

What You Need To Know As Your Exam Ends

Sometimes if one of our examinations goes bad, the thought of not clearing that examination keeps haunting us. Our brain keeps us stressed over the same thought until the result is declared. But Journaling will miraculously support you. Go and Grab a diary or a page and start scribbling your emotions and feelings about the semester and examinations. Ask yourself self-Interrogatory questions like: “How was your semester? Have you put enough effort to achieve your goal for this semester? What can you do to improve your following semester? Have you performed well as you expected?”

Old is Gold

Mental Health Struggles

When we are very anxious, we generally call our friends and vent our hearts to them. So plan an outing or lunch with your old-school friend. Go to your preferred place. Rant about your exams, absurdity of questions asked, laugh out the MCQs, and every incorrect answer you ticked very confidently. Talk until your heart is filled with joy and mind cannot think any more about the examinations.

Discover a new you

Extra curricular

After the examination, holidays can give you enough time to go and relish a new hobby. Putting your heart and mind away from your examination performance for a while will refresh you and release your stress. So go and learn to dance, to sing, to speak a new language or train yourself in any sport of your choice. These recreational activities will aid you even after the holidays as you can join a similar club in university.

Work on your Weakness

What You Need To Know As Your Exam Ends

We all have some weakness in us that we always want to work upon. So utilize your time to change your weakness in a Strength. Comeback as a better version of yourself. If you lack confidence, start with the mirror talking and improve it. After Exam time is the best time as it makes you feel it is a new start and gives you a boost of energy for your next semester.

Choose anything that works for you and makes you feel relaxed; give a good pat on your back as you deserve it when exams are over!