Amid the rising cases of COVID-19, virtuality is the new normal. All physical meets have been replaced by teleconferences, online meetings, webinars, etc. Thus, more or less, every part and process of the world has been digitalized in its unique way.

In such times, when the entire ambiance is filled with stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown, virtual sessions of fun, joy, and magic can add a spicy touch to your monotonous lives. So, Lovely Professional University, consistently striving hard to keep the Vertos energetic, enthusiastic, and away from boredom, organized the Wissen International Magic Conference 2021, in association with student organization Wissen.

Wissen International Magic Conference 2021 was a 4-day stunning and mesmerizing powerpack of the magic world that hosted great magicians from across the globe. The conference witnessed the presence of renowned magicians like Saransh Das, Anthony Hadlen Hanson, David Nathan, Lionel, and Chris Hanowell. Saransh Das, a student of LPU’s B.Tech CSE was the moderator of this conference.

Wissen International Magic Conference 2021

Day 1 session started with Anthony Hadlen Hanson amazing the Vertos with one of his magic tricks and said, “I feel so excited and enthusiastic for the session. It’s like I have teleported across the globe to do this show.” He described magic as an inherent art form, where the magician takes the psychology of their spectators and reverse engineer it, creating memories and finally playing them in the reverse sequence and creating a sense of illusion. Thus, magic is the art form of building memories. Continuing further, Anthony described his journey of how he started magic. He said that it was his late grandfather who inspired him to think of magic in a completely different dimension from a very tender age.

During the session, the audience was amazed by some great tricks of magic; later, a serious discussion on how to pursue magic as a professional career proceeded. Day 1 of the conference concluded with fabulous interaction between the two magicians, and the crowd was astonished all the time by the two magical souls with their tricks and skills.

Wissen International Magic Conference 2021

After a bang on magic performances on day 1, day 2 started with magician David Nathan showcasing his side in the art of magic. The long second-day session witnessed some astonishing, mind-blowing, magic tricks. And, WOW moment was created for the Vertos virtually!

While the audience had not yet digested the stuff from two days magic world tour, days 3 & 4 were even more exciting and captivating as the three magicians, Saransh, Lionel, and Chris, blew the audience with their fascinating magic tricks. May it be the Rubik’s cube, cards, water glass, envelops or any other thing these guys used for their performances turned out to yield something magical.

Thus, the 4 days long magical conference full of fun, excitement, amd bewilderment, finally ended on a happy note, with all the Vertos carrying millions of memories of joy and astonishing magic tricks with them. Wissen organization thanked all the magicians for putting up such a great show virtually and invited them to perform LIVE in LPU.