While it’s been over a year that we have been trapped by the effects of the Coronavirus, people have now adapted themselves to fightback every challenge as an opportunity. 

Festivals that used to be full of colors, joy, lights are now dull, bland, and gloomy. Holi is an ideal fun festival where people play with colors, and the once dead black streets, white walls get turned rainbow-colored. Bustling sweet shops, the aroma of freshly prepared gujiyas, and not to forget the Holika bonfire the night before Holi, which signifies victory over evil. Who knows this time, the victory over evil might mean we are close to conquering the Coronavirus? Is this where the wrath of the Coronavirus ends? Who knows what the future holds for us?

But yesterday, one thing was clarified neither the lockdown nor the Coronavirus was successful in stopping us Indians from celebrating Holi. We Indians are the masters of the five-minute crafts, more popularly known as jugad, we can figure out a way out of any situation thrown at us, and somehow, we find a way to enjoy the moment. How cool is that, and fortunately, it doesn’t get any better.

Yesterday, people were spotted playing Holi wearing their masks, face shields and maintaining social distancing & blasting pichkaris, throwing water balloons liaised with different colors of gullals. Many foreign tourists were spotted roaming around on the colorful streets of Holi with their protective gear on and a DSLR while witnessing the incredibly beautiful ways in which people were playing with colors. One of the tourists said, “I just can’t stop clicking pictures and want to capture every moment of it and share it with my friends and family back in Sydney.”

Traditionally during Holika bonfires, people used to burn wood and dried grass maintained in a tent-like shape under twinkly nights and dance around it, sharing jokes and sweets, but this year people used wood and dried grass, molding it in a demon shape covered with clothes bearing Coronavirus name in bold and burnt it in the middle of the night.

Yesterday, on the occasion of Holi, a live band session was organized by The Leading Drops Band of LPU, burning the stage with their metallic rock-pop songs. Their unique way of celebrating Holi was watched and appreciated live by thousands of viewers globally. Worth mentioning, LPU has left no stone unturned in embracing the opportunities while giving supreme efforts to fight back the challenges and enjoy the moment.