On March 31, 2021, Lovely Professional University organized an online symposium with one of the most well-versed women in the finance and marketing industry Ms. Neha Nagar, Founder & CEO of Taxation Help & Co., on one of the most critical topics, women empowerment.

Over the years, there has been a lot of disparity betwixt men and women apropos equality in rights, education, autonomy, esteem, etc. Thanks to those thousands of men and women who scrimmaged those tireless long battles to send women to schools and colleges, we owe our nation’s future to them. Thanks to those who sacrificed their lives to fortify and empower the women in our society, but here in 2021, the polarity between men and women still exists. But we grasped that none of our efforts were in vain; there might be someone whose life was changed. Even a little empowerment can transform, elevate someone, their spirits, their goals, their presence in the world. LPU to promote someone’s life and address the significant aspects of women empowerment organized this online symposium.

The session started with Ms. Neha Nagar discussing how at the tender age of 14 years, a guest talk by Chartered Accountant on finance and the stock market influenced her. She defied all the social stigmas and managed to kick start her career in the stock market. Soon, she started her tax firm, but pandemic forced her to look for new options when she took the help of social media to be a business planner. Despite the topsy-turvy life, she still managed to get acknowledged by everyone through sheer will and perseverance and is a role model to many.

As the session progressed, she took the liberty to explain the cardinals of the stock market using basic terminologies and live illustrations. She further went on to explain cryptocurrency, bitcoin mining, blockchain, IPOs, how to save big time on taxes, ITRs, and also dished out some sneaky pro tactics for aspiring finance fanatics. Her talk was acknowledged by thousands of viewers online, and out of respect for the knowledge she imbibed in her, some went on regarding her as “The Finance Aficionado.”

In the end, she took the time to clear all the queries as requested by attendees and appreciated the Student Organization Cell at Lovely Professional University for organizing such events. She elucidated the importance of such events and the invaluable life skills one can gain via such events. After all of this, we can say, “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

Sammisla R Nayak
Bachelor of Pharmacy, LPU