Photographs not only provide a window into the past, but they also provide a glimpse into the future. Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of time, and we’ve gotten better at it. We all appreciate and value our memories of time spent with loved ones and enjoy revisiting them through photographs. A storyteller uses many tools, just as a writer uses a pen and a photographer uses a camera. Photographers, unlike writers, express themselves through images. Our hearts are filled with visual satisfaction as a result of the photographs. A photograph is the equivalent of pressing the pause button on life! In today’s world, we can’t seem to avoid taking photographs. Photos are the best way to communicate and tell stories. No other medium can.

The photographs that are taken are much more than just a simple record of the event. Consider the possibility of a single click capturing a world of strangers in our lives, all of whom turn out to be the most pristine of them. Aren’t they sufficiently powerful? Whether it’s joy or sorrow, our photographs can express anything and everything, capturing every single emotion. This is the perfect time for you to shine and tell your story through a photograph.

Under the direction of the Student Organization Cell, the Division of Youth Affairs, Lovely Professional University, Student Organization Magnesia is organizing a photography contest called “Wordless Stories.” It’s a place where budding storytellers can find a place where they can show off their best work. Participants will be required to take a series of photographs and send them to the organizers in such a way that their photographs depict a story without narrating it in words. All of these series will be uploaded to Magnesia’s official Instagram account.

The competition will run according to the following rules and procedures:

  • Participants must submit their entries between February 11th and February 13th. Entrants are required to submit their entries during the designated time slots.
  • Each participant will be sent a link to a Google form in the mail that they will need to use to upload their photos in the correct order.
  • Participants should write a short story and send the pictures via mail to be judged clearly. Their pictures should tell the story without any words.
  • At least three and no more than eight photos can be submitted by participants.
  • Participants can make minor edits to their photographs, as well as insert small texts or subtitles.
  • Magnesia’s official Instagram account will be used to upload the photos. The three people who get the most likes will be named the winners.
  • Disqualification will result if any unfair means are used. Photographs must not contain any content that is considered inappropriate.

So budding photographers, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Make haste and register yourself.

Registration Link: –

Last date to register: 10th February 2022

Registration fee: 35 INR

For further details and queries contact: – 9142893787, 9050168609

Mail Id: –